The entertainment and business industries are two of the most competitive fields. Get your "in" with Jason Dundas, a leading LA-based Australian media professional with more than 15 years of experience across the globe. 

You'll also hear from other like-minded digital creatives, actors, TV hosts and entrepreneurs on the call, and get exclusive access to some of the world's best talent agencies, leading brands, tech gurus, and TV networks spanning from Australia and the United States.

Pitch Jason a TV show idea, business concept, product, branding opportunity or simply ask what you need to know about the industry. 

A TV host, model and business owner, Jason will share his "insider" advice and knowledge of media, TV, fashion, brand building and public speaking to help you get your start in an industry where a foot in the door means everything.

After the session, you'll be added to a private Facebook community designed to build your relationship with the Dundas Media team, and like-minded go-getters.


1 session / 60 MIN • $300 usd per person

Each session involves five people who participate with Jason Dundas on a 60 min call from anywhere in the world. Each caller has 10 minutes of one-on-one time to get advice, pitch their brand, concept or media ideas to Jason. After chatting with Jason each caller is then guaranteed a follow up introduction or call with a Hollywood agent, tech guru (ex-google), or business expert (Harvard business school graduate), or Dundas Media.   



access to exclusive network

Following the session, each caller will gain exclusive access to join the "Jason Dundas" private Facebook group designed to build a professional relationship and network with leading industry figures.



Sessions are limited to one per month. Applicants are required to apply by completing the form guide below. Limited availability, all applicants will be screened to maintain the quality of the call for the group. 

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