Directing my first commerical

I am beyond excited to share a special moment for me directing my first major commercial for our client Gumtree. With my Dundas Media team by my side, we worked to create Gumtree’s Trust, Safety and Reliability videos, shot earlier this year in Australia.

I chose to use the Arri Alexa mini camera even though we were shooting social only content not intended for TV screens. This was mainly because I wanted to use the power of this camera with prime lenses to capture as much emotion as possible, driving each 15 second story to be as engaging as possible.

I was really excited to work with one of my first Producers (at age 22) from MTV, Michael Wilton from who worked as the scriptwriter for the content. It’s an art form to be able to tell engaging stories in under 15 seconds that hold the attention of someone on Instagram but also gets a clients message across.

I was also really happy to jump in front of the camera and essentially direct myself for Gumtree, after having fronted their 10th Anniversary content last year.

I believe authenticity is everything with online content, so with that I chose to use all of my friends as the characters (real Aussies) and shot the opening, closing and several of the scenes at my childhood and parents house in Penrith…I even used my real neighbor of 35 years as the seller of the lawnmower.

In today’s saturated content and screen market, I truly believe keeping things as honest as possible will give your brand the best chance to cut through the noise. I hope you enjoy watching these videos as much I did while creating them.

Jason Dundas