60 Hour Keto-Reboot

While there are of course many paths to take on your way to success, I'm a big believer that true success is achieved when all aspects of your life are in balance.

As a certified health coach from Institute of Integrated Nutrition (the world's largest nutrition school), it's really important to put my health first. I am ultra passionate about health and believe that if I am healthy, I will be able to chase down all my dreams and goals.

I recently took part of a 60 hour Keto-reboot, which is used to reset your metabolism by reprogramming your genes to run on fat for fuel. Participants engage their bodies to use fat as an energy source while gradually shifting into Keto Adaptation. This re-boot is all about re-setting your body and gut to get you back on track, stay focused, and to continue to make healthy choices. And because I also like to challenge my mind to see what I can achieve, this seemed like a fun challenge for me.

I used my media channels to document my experience - as I do with many of my travels, adventures and etc working in front of and behind the camera. I don't just try to create content, but rather document what Iā€™m doing in short story-driven videos for socials. This allows me to use my own brand and channels as a testing ground for the work i do with my clients as i have about 80k followers across the board. 

If you're interested in resetting your mind and body, I highly suggest taking the 60 hour challenge. You can access the re-boot by clicking here.


Jason Dundas