An LA Summer BBQ With Kristin Cavallari

One of my favorite things about summer is getting the chance to fire up the grill and throwing epic barbecues with friends. To me, nothing beats a hot summer night paired with cool drinks. I recently attended the Svedka Summer BBQ in the most amazing Hollywood Hills setting.

Never one to forget my camera, I captured the night through my lens as seen in the video below. I had a blast chatting with attendees such as Kristin Cavallari and Bobby Berk. And then took a lesson in bartending when I got behind the bar.

My personal vlogging style to be strategic about what I want included in the end result. As I do with most projects, I like to "pre-edit" in my head as I'm directing a shoot. This could apply to something as simple as a vlog or something as grandiose as a national commercial for Dundas Media.  

I hope everyone has an amazing summer, I look forward to sharing mine with you in videos to come. 


Jason Dundas