A Note On Authenticity

How many times has your mom preached to "be yourself"? Well, it turns out, mom was on to something...

Now more than ever, brands are fighting for the chance to prove their authenticity. Major companies such as Whole Foods boast their transparency, while brand's such as Glossier features "real" women in their advertisements. 

Why? Because authenticity has become increasingly important to consumers. According to Business Insider, 91% of consumers globally indicated that they were willing to reward a brand for its authenticity by making a purchase, investment or an endorsement. And in the same report, 62% of respondents (U.S.) said that would either purchase or be interested in purchasing from a brand that they viewed as authentic.

Powerful stuff! And the same goes for individuals. Everyday we see celebrities and influencers posting less than perfect images on social media (#nomakeup) and it seems like today, authenticity is KEY. According to a study by Stackla, 20% of consumers (and 30% of Millennials) have unfollowed a brand on social media because they felt their content was inauthentic.

I, myself, definitely try to show all aspects of my life on social media. Whether it's showcasing my all-nighters pulled while running Dundas Media, or raw behind-the-scene moments, I really try to give you guys all sides of my work and personal life. Let's start making social media less of a highlight reel, and more of a highlight REAL.


Jason Dundas