My Top Travel Tips

As a TV Host and media entrepreneur, I am constantly on-the-go. Whether it's taping Page Six in NYC or producing Dundas Media content overseas, I feel like I am in the air more than I am on dry land. 

I really began traveling at the start of my career, when I was just 21 years old. I feel like this not only shaped my ability to immerse myself into other cultures, but also taught me how to travel smarter. Today, many people ask me how I manage to travel so frequently and affordably, so I thought I would put together a post to share with you some of my trade secrets...

Plan In Advance
This one is a bit difficult for me nowadays, but as much as I can, I love to plan in advance. The moment I find out about a shoot, whether it's domestic or overseas, I am sure to start planning. The biggest (literal) payoff is that I find the best rates on flights and accommodations. The less obvious reward is that I buy myself extra time to research the city and get to know a bit about where I'm going, what to eat, and any other customs I should be informed about. 

Fly Solo
While I do admit that traveling alone does get lonely, I do think that it really brings you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to make new friends. Having traveled to 100+ countries over my career, I've racked up quite a few friends abroad. This always makes it exciting to revisit, and has more importantly helped shape my world view.

Pack Light
This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how easy it is to overpack in anticipation for a big trip. Think realistically when choosing your you really need that hat? Pack just the necessities in a carry-on luggage to save time at the airport and reduce the stress of checking a bag. Trust me on this one, it's so worth it.

Happy Traveling,

Jason Dundas