How To Choose Your Brand

Whether you are a business or an individual, the process of choosing and building your brand takes work. Over the years, my personal brand has definitely evolved as I have. Furthermore, I recently built a completely separate brand when I started Dundas Media. Here are a few steps to use as a guide when building your own personal brand.

What is Your Message, Service, or Mission?
Figure out what you are obsessed with and start there. What do you love to do that you wish you could make money doing? Find out what you want to share with the world and what your message is. This should be the heart and soul of your brand. Keep this posted somewhere you can see daily. 

Determine Your Target Audience
Find out who your audience is by researching other brands within your industry niche. Write down the qualities of your target audience as they would exist in real life. Are they male/female? Where do they shop? What do they wear? No detail is too small. 

Content and Consistency
Develop a content plan and get going. Are you a writer? Start writing. Are you a singer? Start recording. Do everything you can to create content. Publish your work on a consistent basis. Staying consistent is really the key to building and growing your following. 


Jason Dundas