My Top 10 Healthy Experiences at LAX:

My job as both an international host and Director of Dundas Media has taken me all over the world. Having traveled to more than 100 countries over the past 14 years, I’ve done the leg

work when it comes to life on-the-go. Flying back and forth for various shoots and meetings, being based in LA, I have frequented LAX and have picked up some tips and tricks along the way to help you get the most out of your time at one of the largest airports in America. Here’s my guide to the top 10 healthy things to do at LAX.

"We at Discover Los Angeles commissioned Dundas Media to create a video about the top five healthy experiences at LAX airport. We loved working with Dundas Media, they are extremely responsive, full of great ideas and produced a fantastic final product."                                              

- Alex Herron, Director, International Communications Los Angeles Tourism

Earth Bar | Terminal 6

I wouldn’t say I’m a germaphobe, but I definitely take the necessary precautions to avoid getting sick, especially while traveling. I love stopping by Earth Bar to grab an immunity shot before a flight. The natural vitamins help protect my body against any unwanted germs from my fellow travelers.

Be Relax | Terminal 1

Before or after a long flight, I like to get my circulation going at Be Relax spa. The first time I heard about a spa inside the airport, my mind was blown! It makes such a difference to be able to relax my muscles before sitting on a long, overnight haul.

Real Food Daily  | Terminal 4

One of my biggest challenges when traveling is plane food. I cannot stand some of the sodium bombs they serve you in-flight, and thanks to Real Food Daily, I don’t have to settle for boring plane food when traveling out of LAX. This vegan staple serves innovated veggie-focused dishes, that leave you feeling light, yet satisfied. I’m a professional snacker, so I usually grab a few of their snacks to hold me over on the plane as well.

Book Soup  | Tom Bradley International Terminal

When driving, I’m all about audiobooks. But when I fly, I love to have a hard-copy on hand. I’ve got to keep my mind busy whilst traveling, so I love to stop by Book Soup to grab the latest best-seller. Right now I’m loving anything inspirational or having to relate to life as an entrepreneur.

Observation Tower | LAX Airport

A few years ago I got super into meditation. It’s definitely a practice for me, so I still have to try to find a few minutes to meditate every day. One of my favorite “secret spots” at LAX is the observation tower at the Theme Building (that spacecraft-looking building in airport’s center). I can go up there, watch planes and close my eyes for a moment before jumping onto my flight.

The Private Suite | 6875 W Imperial Hwy **PHOTO

One of the ultimate luxuries in life (and especially in travel) is skipping lines. I’ll do just about anything to avoid crowds at the airport, and The Private Suite does exactly that. Guests of the suite get to wait for their flight stress-free in a private room, along with personal TSA screening, and personal escort to the aircraft. It typically takes 2200 footsteps from car seat to plane seat. For members of The Private Suite, it’s 70 footsteps.

Pinkberry | Tom Bradley International Terminal

When I want a sweet fix without the calories, Pinkberry frozen yogurt is my go-to. I used to be obsessed with hitting this popularized yogurt shop, but now I usually only indulge when I am treating myself before a flight. No better way to kill time than by enjoying a guilt-free treat.

Lemonade  | Terminal 3

This healthy grab-and-go cafe is an LA-favorite and happens to be a great spot to grab a quick bite when I get to the airport later than expected (hey, it happens.) The cafeteria-style menu offers healthy options at affordable prices. Perfect for the traveler who wants to save their money to use at their destination.

Nektar | Terminal 3

When I feel like I need to load up on my greens, grabbing a juice from Nektar is the perfect way to pack a punch. I absolutely love their custom juices, or an acai bowl when I’m needing something a bit more substantial.

Walk One Mile | Tom Bradley International Terminal **PHOTO

As a self-proclaimed health nut, I need some form of activity to keep me feeling mentally and physically equip. One of my favorite exercises to do anywhere in the world is walking, and I’ve found the perfect hack to getting a mile walk in while never leaving the Tom Bradley terminal. Take two laps between gates 134 and 159 to reach a mile on your Apple Watch. And then, of course, reward yourself with an aforementioned frozen yogurt (highly recommended).

I hope that these tips and recommendations help you explore LA without ever leaving the airport.

Jason Dundas