POP CULTURE 101: How to reach Gen-Z

I recently shared my opinion across my Instagram stories in response to MTV Australia announcing the re-launch of TRL after a 13 year hiatus, which was picked up by the Daily Mail (link here).

I wanted to share my full opinion below:

The entertainment industry has truly evolved over the past decade. With the rise and volume of digital media, it is important to be strategic when creating content for this new generation of consumers.

I was the host that launched Total Request Live in Australia in 2003 and brought all things pop-culture to millennials. It was a huge success at the time and allowed Australia’s younger generation to engage with their favorite celebrities and countdown the top video clips of the day. However, with today’s digital space there are countless channels for this new generation to have access to the content they desire. The biggest mistake that MTV Australia has made is the fact that they are reviving something that has no place in today’s media.

In order to deliver relevant content, the MTV needs to find creative ways to grab the attention of people who are flooded with content daily. In this case, if I was running MTV (today) I would put my focus on creating video content collaborations, pairing young Aussie’s (who actually have an opinion, the leaders of the YouTube generation) with global artists and make content that young people want to watch, and can share from their phones anywhere anytime. It can be 5 seconds or 5hrs, it's doesn't have to conform to a "TV format", it just needs to have a reason for people to want to watch and share.

The entertainment industry is rapidly converting from traditional media to the digital space as this new generation of consumers are constantly on their phones and laptops instead of watching television. People no longer have to look for content because the content finds them. Although TV is still very important, it is imperative for brands to shift their focus and create content that caters to consumers of digital media.

My company Dundas Media is creating content weekly out of LA with the biggest movie stars in the world for Australian brands with Aussie hosts for all digital platforms. I created this business and LA content niche because I saw the TV landscape changing, and it was either evolve with it or die.

Jason Dundas