In 2003, I won a contest from a DIY video I created in my bedroom, to host my first TV show on MTV. From creating that video I went onto host over 10,000 hours of primetime television across America and Australia and filmed and produce TV in over 120 countries. In 2016 I founded Dundas Media, a full-service content agency, to help brands tell their story and increase sales across their online channels.

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Dundas Media is a full-service content agency specializing in creating premium video content and ads for brands, across all digital channels and social media.



The power of believing in yourself!
Having created my career in media and TV at 21-years-old from a DIY video in my bedroom, my keynote tells my story of growing up in Sydney's Western suburbs to interviewing Beyonce, going onto host some of the worlds' biggest TV shows, and filming in over 120 countries.

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‘Making It’ documents Jason's self-made journey from Sydney’s Western suburbs to the world’s biggest stage. Each episode offers unique insight into the creative industry and documents his adventure-packed lifestyle.

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